Co-Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart

Phone: 304-342-8175    Fax: 304-344-3907



Secretary: Sheila Kerekes                                                                                                       304-342-8175
Bookkeeper: Pam Acevedo                                                                                                     304-342-8175
Information Technology-Jim Blankenship/Mike Holmes                                               304-342-8175
Director of Religious Education/Pastoral Assistant- Alyce Penniman                     304-346-9369

    Extraordinary Ministers of Communion (at the altar/to the sick), Lectors, Other volunteers

Receptionist: Angela Hodges                                                                                                 304-342-8175



Sacred Heart Early Learning Center: 6 weeks-3 years

          Dawn Snyder, Director                                                                                                                      304-414-5757

Sacred Heart Child Development Center: Daycare/After School Care

          Jeannie Tyler, Coordinator                                                                                                               304-344-1125

Sacred Heart Grade School: K-5/Pre-School (ages 3-4)

          Susan Malinoski, Principal                                                                                                               304-346-5491

Charleston Catholic High School: 6-12

          Coleen M. Hoyer, Principal                                                                                                               304-342-8415

Parish Religious Education Program: Pre-K-High School

          Alyce Penniman, Pastoral Assistant                                                                                                304-346-9369



Anointing of the Sick, Confession, Infant Baptism, Weddings

For information/to schedule any of the above, please contact the parish office at 304-342-8175



Choir Director: Jeremy Severn                                                                                                                 304-533-4892

Principal Organist: Gregory Gray                                                                      (C) 304-380-4786 (H) 304-776-5252

Organist: Garrett Maner

Organist: Ellen Olson



Boy Scouts: Michael Casey                                                                                                                       304-380-3129

Cub Scouts: Sam Wilkes                                                                                                                           304-546-0614

Gabriel Project                                                                                                                                           304-414-4666

John XXIII Pastoral Center                                                                                                                      304-342-0507

Knights of Columbus -St. Michael the Archangel #12630

          Robert Parker, Grand Knight                                                                                                            304-382-7717

Ministry to Sick/Elderly

          Sr. Ida Chikara, SJI     Sr. Placxedece Mugore, SJI                                                                       304-342-8175

Mount Olivet Cemetery/Mausoleum                                                                    

          Wayne Johnson or Sacred Heart Parish                                                                                        304-342-8135

Prayer Shawl Ministry: Wanda Dettinger                                                                                            304-344-1181

SH Christian Service Committee: Ron Rushworth                                                                             304-965-2666

SH Gift Shop:   Antonetta Stevens   304-415-8132               or                     Kathy Lamb                  304-344-2011
St. Monica's Rosary Prayer Group: Diane Kimble    email:        304-881-9766